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Fresh ingredients, home-made dishes and mouth-watering tastes

Dishes are prepared with farm-fresh eggs using ingredients from local growers and markets. Special dietary needs can be accomodated. These are just a few of the many dishes...

Luverne's egg special

Blackforest ham, farm-fresh eggs and cheese combined and baked to perfection.

The Racer's Breakfast

A high-protein meal, specifically for atheletes and racers; includes egg-white omelette, fresh fruit, yogurt and cereals.

Berry crisp with apples
Baked Grapefruit Alaskan

Baked Grapefruit Alaskan

Guests give their rave reviews when served half a grapefruit topped with whipped cream and meringue, baked to perfection with a cherry on top

Berry crisp with apples
Apple Cinnamon Pancakes

Apple Cinnamon Pancakes

served with Ontario Maple syryp and bacon will satisfy your morning hunger

Standard hot breakfast

Farm-fresh eggs prepared any way you like with bacon, ham or pemeal bacon. Includes toast and home-made jam.

Berry crisp with apples
Berry crisp with apples

Berry crisp with apples

Fruit is fresh from our garden or local orchards; enjoy a mixture of fruits such as apples, blueberrys, rhubarb, strawberries in a crunchy shell, topped with fresh vanilla frozen yogurt.

Berry crisp with apples
Homemade muffins

Homemade muffins, breads, scones, biscuits, croissants

Fresh from the oven each morning, waking you with mouth-watering aromas.

Jams and fruit
Home-made jams and fresh fruit

Standard Treats

Home-made jams
Market-fresh breads and cereals
Fresh, in-season fruits
Variety of cereals

Special Scapbookers Menu

Berry crisp with apples
Spinach salad with pears, strawberry and homemade dressing

For scrapbookers, who would like to spend the entire weekend and enjoy all meals, below is a sample menu of lunch, dinner and snack choices.
All non-alcholic drinks are included: coffee, tea, juices, milk
... details and prices

Lunch samples: homemade soup, wraps, quiche and salad.

Dinner samples: lasagna, caesar salad, garlic cheese buns

Desserts: chocolate cherry trifle or caramel apple cake

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